Monday, April 9, 2012

Ubuntu share internet via ethernet

Recently I tried setting up the laptop computer in my home to share its wireless Internet connection via Ethernet to my Playstation 3.
Let me explain : I'm using wifi on my laptop and connected to VPN to login into specific region. I also want my Playstation 3 to connect to VPN to access few region specific content.

You may have your old computer which doesn't support wifi and you want to hook up into your home network.

Step 1: Open and Edit Network Connections

Step 2: Go to IPv4 Settings - Method : Shared to other computers

Step 2: Go to IPv6 Settings - Method : Ignore

That's it : Now connect both the devices using ethernet cable and you're done!

Screenshot or Region Capture in Ubuntu (Snagit)

Snagit is really nice software for windows which lets you capture sections of a screen, entire webpages or your full screen view. If you’re running Ubuntu then unfortunately Snagit is not available for you. However, there is an alternative of Snagit called "GIMP"

Open Gimp and go to File>Aquire>Screenshot

From this screen you can take a screenshot, capture a region or capture a selected window. Moreover, what is very helpful  is the ability to set a delay in seconds.