Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to use Swap Magic

The very first step you have to take when using the Swap Magic Discs, is to power up your Playstation 2 console, and insert either the DVD or the CD Version of your Swap Magic discs. The DVD Version of the Swap Magic is used for loading up DVD based backup and import Playstation 2 games, while the CD Version of the Swap Magic is used for booting up CD Based backup or import games. Though many of the newest games are only on DVD now, there is still a large library of CD based Playstation 2 software, especially import software or DVD-Rips as they are called.

Once you have loaded up the Swap Magic main menu, you will be greeted by 2 different menu options. The LOAD PROGRAM option is the one you'll want to us, in order to load your import order backup or import Playstation 2 game. The Video Mode Option is equally as useful, but only if you have to change the video mode of your system from PAL to NTSC or vice versa. This is not an option you need to worry about 99% of the time. Simply select the Load Program option and push the button on your controller. This will take you to the SWAP DISC screen.

You will need to swap your Swap Magic disc with the game disc of your choice. You can do this with the included Slide Tool / Slide Card accessory. You can find out Ps2 Slide Tool Instructions by following the link. Naturally, if you don't wish to use a slide tool, but would instead like to use PS2 Filp Tops (PS2 Covers designed for the large PS2 Console, which allow swapping of discs) then you can take a look at some of the PS2 Flip Top Cover products. While these require a replacement of the top of your PS2 cover, they are an excellent and easy way to swap your discs.

After you've swapped your game disc, by taking out the swap magic disc, you'll be able to immediately start playing your game. Both import and backup games will load up, and play as if though you had not gone through any type of swap process with the Swap Magic discs.

PS2 Media Player

You need uLaunch and SMS Player

uLaunch cd bin: it extracts to 700mb lol

burn the ulaunch disk on a cd using whatever software, i think nero works / DVD decrypter works.

then get the media player (Or you may find the latest version)

and put that .elf file into your usb drive along with whatever media files

boot up the ulaunch disk. plug in your usb whenever.
after ulaunch loads, press "circle" to get to the main menu, then go to "mass:" (circle is to go forward, x is back), so yeh select mass: which will look into your usb drive
. then load up the SMS player 2.5 .elf file.

that'll load up SMS Player, i think you have to configure it the first time for SMS to load up the USB drive. so press Start once the player loads and select something like, "AutoStart USB" then the USB icon should appear near the top beside the CD icon. get out of the settings with triangle i guess, and select the USB icon, then whatever media file. x just loads it, circle gives you the option to load it with sub files if you have them.

I hope this will work for you. It worked for me :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recover data from SD card / USB Memory sticks

Recently, I've lost all my photos from my SD card. I put my SD card into my laptop and windows explorer couldn't find any image.
I did googling and found very nice free PC inspector Smart Recovery. Search on google and downlaod your free copy.
It recovered 500+ images from my SD card.

So next you find your USB stick or SB card is corrupted and could not find the data, try this free tool and hopefully you may get all your data back.

PS2 USB Advance / USB Extreme black / blank screen DNAS Swap

Getting Black screen when loading your game using USB Advance / USB Extreme. Follow below steps for me and sevral others it worked... It is called "DNAS Swap for USBExtreme" or "DNAS300 Swap"

1) Rip the DVD to your computer
2) Do a search on the ripped files for DNAS???.img (For me it was in the "Modules" subdirectory - and there may be more than one DNASxxx.img file, though of course with different numbers, like DNAS280.img and DNAS300.img).
3) Delete all DNASxxx.img files (Make note of the xxx number(s))
4) Search IOPRxxx.img and rename IOPRxxx.img to DNASxxx.img (it must have the same number and may exist on the same DVD, if not you can get it from a completely different PS2 game as long as the xxx number is the same - the size may be different. you no longer have the IOPRxxx.img files; Games worked fine without them
5) Rebuild the image from the ripped files on your computer with the new DNASxxx.img file(s) (I used Sony CDVDGEN for this - Make sure they are in the same order as on the original DVD)
6) Copy/b (binary) the *.00? files back together into one ISO in a DOS window
7) Mount the ISO on a virtual DVD drive (I used the Magic Disk program)
8) Connect the USB hard drive you will use for your PS2 to your computer9) Use UI_INSTALL / USB Extreme to copy the game onto your USB Hard Drive from the virtual DVD drive10) Disconnect your USB hard drive from the computer, connect it to the PS2, and give it a try!
It worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well...