Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PS2 USB Advance / USB Extreme black / blank screen DNAS Swap

Getting Black screen when loading your game using USB Advance / USB Extreme. Follow below steps for me and sevral others it worked... It is called "DNAS Swap for USBExtreme" or "DNAS300 Swap"

1) Rip the DVD to your computer
2) Do a search on the ripped files for DNAS???.img (For me it was in the "Modules" subdirectory - and there may be more than one DNASxxx.img file, though of course with different numbers, like DNAS280.img and DNAS300.img).
3) Delete all DNASxxx.img files (Make note of the xxx number(s))
4) Search IOPRxxx.img and rename IOPRxxx.img to DNASxxx.img (it must have the same number and may exist on the same DVD, if not you can get it from a completely different PS2 game as long as the xxx number is the same - the size may be different. you no longer have the IOPRxxx.img files; Games worked fine without them
5) Rebuild the image from the ripped files on your computer with the new DNASxxx.img file(s) (I used Sony CDVDGEN for this - Make sure they are in the same order as on the original DVD)
6) Copy/b (binary) the *.00? files back together into one ISO in a DOS window
7) Mount the ISO on a virtual DVD drive (I used the Magic Disk program)
8) Connect the USB hard drive you will use for your PS2 to your computer9) Use UI_INSTALL / USB Extreme to copy the game onto your USB Hard Drive from the virtual DVD drive10) Disconnect your USB hard drive from the computer, connect it to the PS2, and give it a try!
It worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well...


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  1. Hey can you help me?
    I´ve got the problem when i start a burn disk or a game by usb-hdd i become a black screen
    I have fmcb