Thursday, July 30, 2009

PS2 Media Player

You need uLaunch and SMS Player

uLaunch cd bin: it extracts to 700mb lol

burn the ulaunch disk on a cd using whatever software, i think nero works / DVD decrypter works.

then get the media player (Or you may find the latest version)

and put that .elf file into your usb drive along with whatever media files

boot up the ulaunch disk. plug in your usb whenever.
after ulaunch loads, press "circle" to get to the main menu, then go to "mass:" (circle is to go forward, x is back), so yeh select mass: which will look into your usb drive
. then load up the SMS player 2.5 .elf file.

that'll load up SMS Player, i think you have to configure it the first time for SMS to load up the USB drive. so press Start once the player loads and select something like, "AutoStart USB" then the USB icon should appear near the top beside the CD icon. get out of the settings with triangle i guess, and select the USB icon, then whatever media file. x just loads it, circle gives you the option to load it with sub files if you have them.

I hope this will work for you. It worked for me :)

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