Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free DivX Converter / Convert Video to DivX

This is one of the free video converter can help you to convert between DivX video and other video formats. It is free!!!.
Download :
Now DivX become more and more popular than before, this small tool can let you fully enjoy this advance video format (good quality and smaller file size). You can use these DivX on PS2 as well. See my other post for the same.

Convert Video to DivX
Input Video Format Support

    * AVI Files (*.avi)
    * MPEG4 Files (*.mp4)
    * MPG Files (*.mpg)
    * Quicktime Files (*.mov)
    * WMV Files (*.wmv)
    * RealMedia Files (*.rm;*.rmvb)
    * Flash Videos (*.flv)
    * VOB Files (*.vob) (DVD-Video media)

Convert DivX to Other Video
Output Video Format Support

    * MEPG4 (MP4)
    * AVI (MPEG1)
    * Xvid
    * MOV (Quicktime)
    * WMV (Windows Media Video)
    * Sony PSP
    * DVD (NTSC)
    * DVD (PAL)
    * 3GP (mobile)
    * MP3 (audio only)

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