Saturday, January 23, 2010

VOIP over Mobile - Cheap international call from Mobile using Mobile VOIP

Mobile Voice over IP (Mobile VOIP) is catching up very fast  and causing a stir for Mobile Operators.

Today, Mobile VOIP uses wi-fi,  2G/3G data channel but with 4G which is end to end IP, all that will soon change and mobile operators will see huge drop in their voice volume.

Gartner Research says "Mobile VOIP poses a huge and direct challenge to the $690+ billion global mobile voice market."

Making costly international call from your mobile will soon become thing of past.

Let's see the few best options for Mobile VOIP.

SKYPE : One of the very popular application. However it doesn't mean the best as currently it only  supports wi-fi and not 3G data channel.

VOPIUM :  It works with both wi-fi and 3G and it is compatible with Java, symbian, Blackberry,  Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, etc devices.

FRING : This app allows you to import contracts from Skype, Twitter, google talk, etc with IM support. Unlike VOPIUM this app uses only wi-fi.

TRUPHONE :  This is one of the most compatible app and works all most every where. It has built-in support of IM and let's you call MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google talk, etc.


JAJAH : This application works very differently. First you need to from your mobile and dial in the number. Now is the trick. JAJAH will call you back and connects you with your dialed number.

NIMBUZZ : It allows you to call using your cellular network, skype a/c or phone.

All these apps are simple and easy to use and cut down cost on your international calls.

My recommendations : Truphone and VOPIUM.

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