Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free McBoot FMCB alternative for PS2 Console:SCPH-90004

Free McBoot doesnot work on newer version of Ps2 (SCPH-90004).
Sony has changed the bios after March 08 and fix the critical defect which allows programs like FMCB to boot PS2 using memory card.
The only options are...
  1. Use Swap disk : I'm using Swap Magic 3.8 and it works fine with most of the games. or
  2. Mod Chip : I don't recommend Mod Chip unless you don't have any other option as this will void your PS2 warranty.  
I, myself has this newer version of PS2 and after lot of search and R&D, I reach to conclusion that FMCB doesn't work on SCPH-90004 models.


  1. Pls tell me in my scph90004 pal 1a console ulauncher.elf runs bt psx games not playing instead of that blank black screen comes tell me

  2. i Really installed FMCB on Ps2 Slim Scph 90004 and its work fine with matrix mod chip installed if u want to know how then email me at

  3. Hello will FCMBoot will this work on SPCH-90001 DATE CODE - 0C? Can u please tell me my bios version? and is there anything mod can i do for this ps2 slim..Please reply