Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PS2 : What is USBUtil ? How to use USBUtil ? (by ISEKO)

What is USBUtil?

- USButil is a tool to create and manipulate games which can be played with USBExtreme or USBAdvance on Playstation 2. This is a good alternative to DNAS swap method. USBExtreme or USBAdvance has very low compatibility with PS2 games and this method (DNAS swap) is used to make game compatible with USBExtreme or USBAdvance, so game can be played on PS2 using USBExtreme or USBAdvance.
Please see my other post "PS2 USB Advance / USB Extreme black / blank screen DNAS Swap" for more detail on DNAS Swap.

Download USBUtil?


How and Where you can use USBUtil?

- This software runs on Windows and can be executed from any folder or root, flash memory or external hard-drive. The already concerted games can be copied or saved in any destination with enough capacity. You can also create games for any platform using ISOs or game backups (this option concerns the possibility of keeping the biggest amount of compatibility, due to with USBExtreme directly from disc some games are imposible to run but they from ISO they do, that option will make us to save the time we spent converting the game two times). USBUtils allows to convert several ISO(s) into games at consecutively, and next options as well: Copy, Move, Convert into ISO and Erase can be used on several games.

What does USBUtil need to work?

The software needs to work the game files already created with the configuration file( ul.cfg), or the creation of a new one across the ISO(s) or backup of our game cd/dvds . If ISO file is being patched then you need to load ISO file using USBExtreme on your USB HDD.
Please see my other post "PS2 Playing game from USB" for more details.

Source : http://www.scenespain.net ( USBUtil by ISEKO )


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  2. como pones el archivo (ul.chg)??

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