Friday, September 4, 2009

PS2LOAD to making game boot for USBAdvance

First of all Thank you to tinpak5536 from (I did few small changes) and other people not me. I'm only a user and tried the below step by step guild to make it working.

Need Tools :

PS2LOAD (See below for download)
UltraISO (All version that can made PS2 image)

This Tutorial I will use PES2009

Step by Step
1.Patch your ISO file using USBUtil / DNAS Swap if needed and open image file with UltraISO and extract any where you want
If you don't know what you USBUtil / DNAS Swap and how to use it, please read my other post "PS2 : What is USBUtil ? How to use USBUtil ? (by ISEKO)" for more

2.Extract all files in PS2LOAD.rar to your game file MSYSTEM.CNF to Edit like this

4.Rename file PS2LOAD. I'm renaming to SLES_555.55

5. Open file SYSTEM.CNF to edit name that you rename (and video mode that you want)

6.rebuild image file with ULTRAISO

after this step convert ISO file and tranfer file to your USB/Hard drive you will see like this

if you did step to step.It will not freeze after press select game.I try to use CD/DVD rom generator 2.00 and iml2DVD,but It freeze after press select game.So I try to use UltraISO and its work.

All the best and happy gaming...

Source & Download :

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